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SFCCC San Francisco Campus Christian Center, also called Ec House at San Francisco has been in ministry with students from the University and City College for twenty plus years. Students are residents at our house which is off-campus, but an easy distance away and by walking to campus, students can arrive there in 10 minutes. We hold weekly dinners so that the students are able to spend time in community. Some of our dinners Are held in the house, specifically for the six residents who live there. This year we have four  students, all young women. Their cultural backgrounds are Hispanic, East Indian, Caucasian, African American and



We are an Ecumenical and diverse group of clergy and lay persons working together to bring the light and love of Jesus Christ to students at SFSU with a message of acceptance of everyone and everyone means everyone! I am an African American Chaplain as well as Senior Pastor of the First United Methodist Church in Vallejo, California. My colleagues are Episcopal, Presbyterian, and United Church of Christ pastors and Lay members.


I am most passionate about our celebrations on campus and on the lawn in front of our house. I believe that the SFSU population is one of the most diverse in the nation. We connect with students from all over the World as we open our lives to communicating with them by establishing community on our corner. We hold Welcome Barbecues where we feed their bodies and spirits, offering theological conversation and dinner. Ministry is about much more than proselytizing. It is a commitment to being open to share our lives, both our struggles and blessings. My relatives always said, "You can't walk the walk, if you can't talk the talk."


On Ash Wednesday, we are on campus to pray with students and Faculty and we carry our ashes with us, with reminders of the sacrifice made for each of us on that awesome, yet terrible day.

We bring ashes and if requested, make the sign of the cross on their forehead. Usually we are well-received as we emphatically state that we bring God's love to everyone, no exceptions.


Essentials for Every Christian College Student

What every Christian student needs on their college journey.

By Lesli White posted May 26, 2016

College is an exciting adventure – you are moving away from home, meeting new people and getting your first taste of independence. For the next four or more years, you will be learning a lot – both academic and otherwise. This knowledge will help you grow in many ways, especially as it relates to your faith. In your eagerness to start this new chapter, make sure to keep in mind some important tips that will help you make the most out of your experience, while also helping you to keep Christ front and center. Here are some essentials for every Christian college student.

EC House can help in your new adventure to life.

Don’t choose isolation. In your first years of college, it’s important that you have the experience of community which Ecumenical House affords you. This includes house-mates and intentional living with others your own age. Yes, house-mates will keep you up way too late, and wake you up way too early. Yes, they can drive us up a wall with their habits and behaviors. But your house-mates can be amazing friends and allies. They are also exactly the people God is calling you to love. Don’t wait until you feel the love from them. Embrace them. Love them until you feel love for them. The Bible tells us, “Love is patient, love is kind. It always protects, always trusts, always perseveres. Love never fails” (1 Corinthian 13: 4, 7-8). Allow your house-mates to see Christ’s love through you and in the weekly meeting, they may show you ways to see love through them. You may have your issues with them, but this is a way to learn how to love, even, through difficulties.  In our differences, we learn who we truly are, but also, who we are able to become through transformation in Jesus Christ.


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